The Stem Pick is many things. The Stem Pick was originally designed to allow for better grip, preventing pick rotation during playing. The “stem” does this in a few ways depending on the player: providing a bracing point for your second finger, disallowing inward rotation altogether, and giving the player a way to adjust the pick’s rotation on the fly.

As more players began to experiment with the Stem Pick, it revealed itself to be a tool for innovative and enhanced playing. Some players find the extra gripping surface prevents fatigue - you just don't have to grip as hard and the hand muscles stay fresh. Some players

find the Stem’s extra grip lets them pick faster. Some players are doing far out stuff. No two hands are the same. No two players are the same. Hybar developed the Stem Pick to give people another tool for making music. If you are looking for an easier pick to hold, or seeking an innovative tool to expand your playing, the Stem Pick has what you need.

The Stem Pick is a patented design, manufactured with Delrin in three gauges (.46mm, .70mm, and 1.0mm).

3-Pack of Stem Picks

    • A 3-pack of Stem Picks
    • Patented design stringed instrument plectrum/pick
    • Made with Delrin by injection molding
    • Available in light (0.46mm), medium (0.7mm), heavy (1.0mm) and variety (one of each thickness)
    • Designed for adaptive use, additional grip, to prevent rotation and dropping during play, and for the creative and curious string player

    Patent Information for the Hybar Stem Pick:
    United States: Design Patent No. D866656
    China: Design Patent No. ZL 201830121774.9
    European Union: Design Patent No. 05610276
    Japan: Design No. 1632290