Painting A Whole New Picture

Updated: Apr 27

Greetings, music makers and money shakers. Check out this week's video post by OfficeXCore, reminding us that "anything can be an instrument!" With the Hybar ContactMic, even an old paintbrush, a couple of screws and a string come to life.

Hybar ContactMic

Amplify just about anything with a Hybar contact microphone. Hybar saw a need for a well-constructed and versatile contact microphone, so we made one! Each microphone is hand-built using a combination of quality electronic components and repurposed material. The construction is more rugged and durable, yet no less sensitive, than other piezo-based contact mics. Acoustic guitars, mandolins, thumb pianos, metal cabinets, cardboard boxes, and more come alive with the power of electricity! What can you amplify?

Show Us What You've Got

Are you rocking a paintbrush like OfficeXCore, here? Strumming some dental floss like a banjo? Drumming on your coffee mugs? We know your creative wheels are turning. Show us what you're doing with your Hybar ContactMic. Upload your video and send us a link! You can use the contact page above on the site menu or email us at .

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